Find Out How This Little Piece of Software Can Improve Your Article Writing, Article Marketing & Make You More Money...

...Even If You Hate Writing, Don't Know
How To, Or Don't Have the Time.

In this new age of abundant content, where one man can publish dozens of articles daily, it is becoming ever so difficult to meet up, let alone beat the competitionWhat if you could still take the lead by producing high quality articles, on a consistent basis, and quickly too?

Dear Article Writer,

My name is Edward Hadome, the creator of "Article Marketing Impact" program, and
"AMI Article Writer PRO".

Thank you for taking the time to investigate AMI Article Writer further…

I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one.

This is truly a unique and necessary software that should have been created a long time ago.

Keep reading and you’ll soon see why…

After using AMI Article Writer, All Dr. Greco could say was "WOW" and "Thank you"

Hi, this is Kasia from Austria here ... and as you can imagine, I am not a native speaker ;-)

I am working online, writing articles, blog posts and so on ... knowing what to write was never the issue, but the HOW?!  

I would "run" all over the Internet, check for best practice examples, spent long hours defining what title, how long the summary and body should be etc ... It was really a hard job ... until ... 

I came across Edward and the AMI Article Writer and there are only 2 things I can say: 
1) WOW! 

I do not have to think of how many words now, nor "where to place what" in an article. I get format, templates, suggestions ALL INCLUDED in here ... and I finally can do what I like most and concentrate on content to my customers! 

THANK YOU for this fantastic and revolutionary new service Edward! 

All my very best wishes from over the Ocean 

Dr. Katarzyna Greco

With AMI Article Writer Oddvar's article are guarantied to be good. 

I have just started using AMI Article Writer as my tool to creating articles. 

What I love about it, is that it keeps me on track when I write. 

Every part of the articles, as introductions etc, is split up in different sessions, so it is easy to remember what to do, as well as easy to do. 

Those very nice tips, and those questions in every sessions are pure gold because if my article answers those questions, my article is guarantied to be good. 

When I finish writing, this tool puts it together in a nice and proper article format. 

This is a very good software. I really recommend it to everyone who is writing articles.

Oddvar Meyer

AMI article Writer helps Gene save time with his articles...

Edward, this is a wonderful piece of software. Not only does it do a lot of the "thinking" for me, it saves so much time in writing articles.

I LOVE how it breaks down the components of an article to make it easy to just focus on one little step at a time, and before you know it, BAM! The article has practically written itself.

The automated keyword density counter and word count are icing on the cake!

Thanks so much for a simple, yet powerful tool.

Gene Pimentel

DR. Chans, Article writing efficiency has increased many times more than before...

Hi Edward, 

AMI Article Writer has been so helpful to me because with it, I can get so organized when writing articles that the efficiency has been increased many times more than before. 

It simply is "THE" tool to have for any marketers who do article marketing as part of their strategy. 

Good work indeed and it is highly recommended. 

Best regards, 

Dr. John Chan

As you may know, many are now turning to article marketing as an effective way to increase traffic, build business relationships, boost credibility, and over all make more money.

But, why is it that some article writers are reaping the rewards more than others? — even if the latter published a lot more articles?

The answer is simple, but not everyone can see it, and even those that do, there’s really not much they can do about it… at least not until now.

All this started as a result of a big misconception that has plagued the web for some time now. You see, articles are supposed to be informative, and they are supposed to solve a problem…

Do you agree with me?

However, when you search the web, you'll often come across dozens of published articles that fall short of their promise to solve a reader's problem, or even to do justice to the author, who presented himself as an expert in that niche.

At first glance, you may think the author is not a good writer, or that he/she is not really an expert in that field, or maybe he/she doesn't even have English as their first language because of the poor grammar inside... Yes, it can be that bad.

With web users' reading span becoming shorter, the first reaction will be to close that page as quickly as they open it.

Imagine that…

… and this is where the misconception comes into play.

You’ve heard it so many times… “Article marketing is a numbers game”, The more articles you have out there, the more money you’ll make…This is true to some extent, but in an attempt to publish many viral articles quickly, Authors often end up producing low quality content that no one cares to read.

This can be for many reasons…

  • They hire low quality writers to do the work for them
  • They don’t have the time to come up with anything constructive
  • They use article spinners that produce unreadable content
  • They stuff their articles with keywords, making it unreadable
  • They never learned proper article writing... Today you will.
  • Writers block creeps up on them all the time
  • And/Or maybe they just hate writing

Does any of the above relate with you?

It could be any number of things.

I would have added that maybe the author is not an expert in that industry, and as a result he produces low quality content… although this can be true, but with simple research, all that can be overcome easily.

Nothing beats quality content, and you’ll agree with me that one good article is worth more than 10 badly written ones.

The proof of this is present…

Google, the number one search engine, where all article writers and marketers aspire for a high ranking with their articles, is fighting hard to filter out low quality, misleading and irrelevant content for it’s readers.

Also, article directories, and related publishers are doing the same thing… They are fighting hard to flush out the bad eggs.

So why would you ever want to put yourself in such a position, where people begin to mark your work as an Article Marketing "plague"?

Jim has been very impressed with AMI Article Writer's functionality and ease of use. 

Edward, As you know, I stumbled across your products while on the Warrior Forum looking for ideas for several of my new ventures. Quickly, I discovered AMI Article Writer. I have been very impressed with its functionality and ease of use. 

In the past, I've tried and used several similar products, but, frankly, find AMI Article writer to be the best of the lot. 

But, beyond that, let me take a minute to just say thanks to you, personally. I cannot offer strong enough recommendations to all of you out there regarding Edward and his efforts. 

In each and every case that I've had a question, or recommendation, I've received a very prompt, PERSONAL reply. And I'm not talking about form letter type personal replies. 

Edward, in other words, over delivers in absolutely everything that he undertakes. It's my strong impression that if he cannot over deliver on his ventures, then he simply won't undertake them. 

From a Baby Boomer of the 1st class, one who's been in marketing for over 30 years, let me strongly recommend to you Edward and his fine work.

Jim Cotton

You don’t have to anymore.

This is where AMI article writer PRO comes in for the rescue.


This little piece of software, carefully researched and tested will help you produce high quality articles that attract the kind of audience you want, for years to come.

The articles you write with AMI Article writer can be accepted for publishing in many reputable sources, and this is where the big traffic is.


Dennis is finding that he fires up AMI Article Writer up more often

Overall, I give this program an 8.5 out of 10. It's easy to use, comes with a complete article writing tutorial built in to the system. I'm finding that I fire this one up more often than I do my Office suite now. This is now my article tool of choice. 

If you want to speed up the article writing process, cut down on production time while upgrading the quality of your work, this program does it very well. 

Dennis Morales Francis

  • Become a recognized expert in your niche
  • Your Articles will stand out among others
  • Your articles will be viral
  • Write lightning fast professional quality articles
  • No previous article writing experience required
  • No article marketing experience required
  • Eliminate writer's block permanently
  • Produces Top 10 Ranking articles candidates
  • Create irresistible titles that attract relevant clicks
  • More clicks with new magnetic resource boxes
  • No HTML knowledge required to format articles
  • Instant article web pages complete with Meta Tags for quick and easy search engine indexing and ranking.
  • Automatic export to Text and HTML formats
  • Advanced spell checker to correct your spelling
  • and more...

You see, in general, among other things, people will do business with you:

  • If they trust you
  • If they feel confident that you'll solve their problem
  • And If they like you

So, if you agree with me on the above facts, you'll also agree that for you to succeed, it is important that people see these key things in you or your work.

But how?

  • Everyone is looking for information about something, and they usually want it for free.
  • To get this information these days, people usually turn to the search engines for answers.

According to " Search Engine Watch" as of March 2006 there where 213 million searches in United States alone every single day, and of course that number has skyrocketed by now World Wide.

Narrowing that down, according to Google, people now search using the word "how to" 25 million times on average every single month.

Is this beginning to add up?

  • ... Among the thousands of results people get from the search engines, they have to sieve through numerous websites to decide which one offers the best solution…. This is what really matters after all.

    So, knowing just the above has already put you ahead of the competition, and unless you satisfy the above criteria, you’ll make little or no progress in your business.

AMI article writer was created just for this purpose… to give you that edge you’ve been looking for.

You know how it is when you come across good content… you bookmark it so that you can refer to it over and over again? This is what you will achieve when you use this amazing piece of software.

... And I’ve reserved a copy just for you,
Click here to get it.

AMi Article Writer helps Jag break down article writing into shorter...more manageable chunks.

Hi Edman, 

I thought this is a brilliant software. Why? Because the concept behind it is great. 

I've tried article rewriter and spinner, and most of the time, the content that comes out don't sound or read good. 

At the end of the day, putting in effort to come out with good articles still pays.  

But what's great about AMI Article Writer is that it helps break down article writing into shorter...more manageable chunks. 

So you can quickly attack the article and get it up fast - without compromising on the quality of the content. 

I dare to say with this neat little tool, I will be churning out a lot more quality articles. 

It really is a article marketing short cut. No fancy rewriting or spinning that comes out with funny content. Just pure quality article - done the real human way - but with a quality twist. 

I like AMI Writer. My sincere 2 thumbs up!

Jag Foo

AMI Article Writer Software PRO

You'll get your very own article writing software that allows you to whip out, unique real professional, top ranking, exciting to read and profitable articles very quickly.

AMI Automatic Article Submitter

Automatically submit your articles to the top 20 article directories. You choose which ones to submit to, one or all of them. You can always add, edit, or delete directories anytime.

Professional Article Writing Guide

Get top notch, Article writing guidelines for your success in Article Marketing. You'll never have to worry about writing a quality article ever again. Unlike other products that don't show you exactly what you need to really succeed in Article Marketing, this software comes equipped with practical advice you can apply instantly as you write.

Money Making Article Marketing Tips

Want to see real Article Marketing results? You'll get the latest tips and tricks that top marketers use to make a ton of money, just by writing articles. In addition you'll receive access to our ( $149 Value) "Article Secrets" newsletter, where we send you each week, practical Article Marketing tips that you can apply to your business immediately for instant results.

Article Rank Protector

If you’re a “Bum marketer”, you’d know that duplicate content penalty is a headache. With this piece of software, your worries are over. It allows you to scan for duplicate content between two articles, and checks the level of duplicate content.

6250 Hot PLR Articles

You'll get a large collection of PLR articles you can swipe information from. These will save you dozens of hours of research. click here to see the topics covered

15% Extra Discount Coupon on the Full AMI Program

AMI stand for Article Marketing Impact, and it is the most comprehensive Article Marketing program ever created online today. You'll get a 15% coupon discount for your purchasing today click here to learn more about the program

Powerful Research ToolBar PLUS Branding With Your Links & Banners

We've created a special toolbar which will help you with your article writing, submitting and marketing research. This toolbar will save you hours of work researching and finding important links.

That's not all... As a valued customer of AMI Article Writer PRO, you will be able to customize this toolbar with your very one website links, affiliate links and banners.

You will also be eligible to add your banner to our rotation script, and this will be displayed automatically on thousands of computer each day.

Free LIfeTime Upgrades

In the near future, we will only offer one year upgrades, but for a limited time, your purchase comes with a full lifetime upgrade to other versions of this software.


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